The Walrog

A mythic Tale
By Susannah Darling Khan and Susanne Perks

About the Book 

The Walrog is a mythic tale of dragons and mermaids, water, sun and sky, of relationship between difference, an elemental tone poem co-created by Susannah Darling Khan (words) and Susanne Perks (images).

Susanne Perks was a sculptor and artist who had a near fatal aneurism in 1994, when she was in her early 50s. As Susanne lay in a coma she flew with dragons around the Cornish coast. When she finally awoke she found herself in a body with severe limitations. Susannah and she created this story together inspired by her intimate story of loss and life, together with universal themes of love, loss and redemption. It wove itself as a natural dialogue between words and pictures, and has become a story beloved by many people, young and old.

"Susanne lived with her disability for 20 years and inspired many with her courage, humour and dignity. She managed to see beauty where ever it could be discovered. She has blessed our lives with so much and we are honoured to have been part of her life, generosity and strength. Working on this book together was a magical era in my life” Susannah Darling Khan

The Walrog starts:

"Once upon a time, in a time most of us have forgotten, a

time behind time,

a strange and twisted creature

wallows deep under the waves of a great sea…."

"I absolutely love the Walrog, with its deliciously rich words that slide off the tongue and the almost psychedelic, other worldly pictures. It is so true to the timeless fairy story/myth form”
Vicky (age 51)

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About Susanne & Susannah

Susanne Perks was a sculptor, artist, art therapist, yoga teacher and ace organic gardener. She suffered a near fatal aneurism in 1994 when she was in her early 50s. Susanne had supported Susannah and Ya’Acov as they embarked on their movement teaching journey in the early 1990s and was their first organiser. After her stroke she lived strongly for 20 years, with great humour, determination and a fine eye for beauty wherever it could be found.

Susannah is a wild dancer, a land lover, teacher, healer and music maker. When her friend Susanne had a near fatal aneurism in 1994, Susannah accompanied her in her healing journey by weaving a mythic allegorical counterpart to her journey of loss and recovery through this joint project. They had always wanted to make a book together, and now they found the time. IN the process, much of Susannah’s future work and life is already visible here in this story: the dialogue with the elements, with yin and yang, masculine and feminine in each of us, and of the complex dance of relationship.