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A Statement from Ya'Acov & Susannah

We, Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, the founders of Movement Medicine, are fully committed to making our spaces more deeply welcoming to all and to discovering what it means to play our part as allies in the fight against racism. We recognise that this is urgent and that, at the same time, we are dealing with trans-generational trauma and moving too fast is not likely to be helpful.

As white folks, we are being invited to listen. We have a lot of learning and facing up to ourselves and our history to do. In order to turn towards the pain that racism causes and the reality that it demeans us all, we need our spiritual practice. We need ground. We need safe spaces. We need community. The work we are offering is rooted in three journeys: empowerment, responsibility and realisation. As every piece of unconsciousness comes into view, we are learning more what these three simple words require of us. Our work is rooted in taking congruent action based on what we learn on the dance floor. Step by step, through the body, heart and mind, it is time to face the music and dance through it into a new dream.

During the pandemic, like many others, we have shifted our work online through our new Movement Medicine Study Hub membership. The registration gates are currently closed but if you would like to learn more and receive updates about our current online events and when the gate will next open, join our waitlist here.

As well as the Study Hub, we are offering other open events through our 21 Gratitudes outwards facing site.

Ya'Acov's latest book, Shaman, is now available.

About the Darling Khan's

Ya’Acov & Susannah are two of the foremost embodiment teachers on the planet. They have been teaching internationally since 1989 and have taught many thousands of people of all ages from a huge variety of cultures and backgrounds.
They are well known for creating the inspiring, creative and empowering body of work known as Movement Medicine. Movement Medicine is a contemporary practice that deepens presence, actively encourages creativity and responsibility, and supports participants to discover who they are, take their place in the circle, and give what they’ve got.

This portal is the gateway to all of the work that Susannah and Ya’Acov offer, from their workshops and online courses to their books, CD’s and their latest project and 21 Gratitudes - Home to all of their Online Movement Medicine Offerings.

If you are looking for human beings who walk their talk and who will inspire you to do the same, you are in the right place.

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