Movement Medicine

How to Awaken, Embody and Dance your Dreams
By Susannah & Ya'Acov Darling Khan

About the Book 

Movement Medicine is Susannah and Ya’Acov’s book illuminating the practice and fundamentals of Movement Medicine as an embodied practice to bring us into alignment with our deep purpose here in this one precious life.

This book supports our understanding of the energetic and empirical connectedness with all life within which we all live as inter-dependent beings and shows how this connects to conscious movement practice. In this book you will find much to consolidate your understanding of the elements, the inter-connection of body, heart and mind, the weaving of past, present and future and personal fulfilment, inter-connection and realisation. Susannah and Ya’Acov give conceptual background, suggestions for practice (recipes to try at home) and intimate, personal life stories to illustrate.

We have seen with delight the paintings of the dancing girls of ancient Egypt and we know that King David danced before the Ark of the Covenant, so it is with acceptance that we take a modern journey of the dance of life that connects us with all life forms. Susannah and Ya'cov Darling Khan are dance specialists and their comprehensive knowledge is presented in an articulate and interesting self development course. Guided meditations are provided that use movement and dance to enter an inner and personal space which allows healing and rejuvenation whilst the art and creativity of self expression through movement is described. Movement is instinctive and therapeutic and necessary for our physical, emotional and mental health. Dance also encompasses the spiritual dimension and is the next step to joy and exhilaration."
Review published in Eternal Spirit Magazine issue 10

About Susannah & Ya'Acov

Susannah & Ya'Acov Darling Khan have studied with healers and shamans from the Amazon to the Arctic Circle, including an 18 year apprenticeship with Gabrielle Roth. Susannah's background is in anthropology, Gestalt, voice and music. Ya'Acov's background is in shamanism and visual communications. They both run the School of Movement Medicine, and have been teaching workshops and seminars around the world since 1989. They live in the south-west of the UK.