Susannah DK

Movement Medicine Woman

Susannah Darling Khan or, The Movement Medicine Woman as she is often known, is Co-Director of the online "21 Gratitudes Movement Medicine Study Hub" and "The School of Movement Medicine" alongside her husband Ya’Acov Darling Khan. They are co-authors of Movement Medicine (Hay House 2007).

Susannah has studied in many contexts, including: an 18-year apprenticeship with the founder of the 5 Rhythms, Gabrielle Roth, studied Anthropology (University College London BA 1st Class Hons 1986) Gestalt Psychotherapy (Gestalt Centre London) and Family Constellations and embodied leadership with her Exmoor pony teachers. Her teaching marries ancient wisdom with neuro-science and intellect to profound effect.

Having taught movement as medicine internationally since 1989, Susannah is celebrated for her visionary weaving of scientific, psychotherapeutic and systemic/ecological paradigms together with the creative, life affirming power of the dance itself. Passionate and committed to being a life-long student, Susannah counts some of her most powerful learning with the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, as having stemmed from her work with her wild born Exmoor ponies or “mirror masters” as she describes them.

Susannah’s own deeply embodied knowledge of the creativity inherent in us all gives courage to her own participants to dare to liberate themselves from fixed patterns. Students feel encouraged to explore, to learn, experiment and evolve their own embodied awareness and the self-knowledge and mastery that comes from it. She is currently working for the acclaimed King’s Fund to bring Movement Medicine into the leadership awareness of some of the National Health Service’s most senior women leaders.

As well as being Movement Medicine Woman she has made 10 CDs and is a writer, dancer and pony whisperer in training. Susannah’s medicine combines apparent opposites. She brings a steady ground of compassion, gentleness, humour and well boundaried safety together with a fierce call to clarity and deep vision. Her magic is about sensing what is with acute sensitivity and following the trail towards what becomes possible.


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"I was blown away with how amazing you were in that therapeutic role. I have rarely seen a level of emotional intelligence quite like it. Your insights and reflections really stuck with me. Thank you so much for the work you do. It is so clear that you personally have "done the work" so deeply and it shone through so obviously during our sessions."
- Charlie Morley, Lucid Dreaming Teacher June 2020
"Dear Susannah, I would like to thank you for your "Embodied Leadership" workshop. I'm a CEO in a small steel business company. Through this weekend I gained the capacity for my softness, tenderness in business and I could facilitate the meeting this morning in a more relaxed state. I led my people with softness, with warmth, with who I truly am. I want that for my company, no matter what the core business is, to be full of warmth and this can sometimes be a big challenge. How can I be the boss and not lose myself? I got a lot of answers this weekend. I was looking for a wise woman teacher with integrity and I could find this in you. I love your clarity, embodied knowledge, your wit and humour, sparkles, kindness and warmth. It's hard to describe but I felt as if your ego is fully integrated with what you truly are and what you represent. A great gift for me to feel this. I felt so safe and gained so much insight. Thank you for sharing all your precious gifts, wisdom and knowledge. "
- Leja, Slovenia. CEO of a small steel company 2019
"Thank you for seeing and believing in me in such a respectful way. I feel seen in aspects most people do not realize and without any hidden agenda. I feel seen in a way that helps me to learn to honour myself more and more. So the way you respect me is healing."
- Martina Werthmann, Business Coach and Consultant, Germany, October 2019
"Thank you for the vibrational listener and the wise woman you are."
- Ingrid Saraswati Mateos, USA. June 2019
"Massive, deep respect to Susannah for all her incredible holding, skill, tenacity, sensitivity, subtlety and years, years and years of ground of practice, study, healing and DEDICATION to create such a safe place for such deep work to be done with safety, titration and teachings of self and co-regulation in such a way it can be received and integrated and folded into daily life. She is a master."
- David Mooney, Eire. April 2019
"I hope these words capture the immense gratitude I feel towards you as a person and as my teacher. I appreciate your embodied radical inquiry marinated in your luscious heart. I appreciate the ongoing wish for congruency between your walk and talk. I appreciate your exposed, challenging relationship with vulnerability. I appreciate your nano delicate listening of the pores. I appreciate your broadband scope which has the finesse of enveloping parallel experiences. I appreciate your posture of inclusiveness. I appreciate your healthy child within weaved so clearly and prominently into the woman you are. I appreciate your multilingual soul, a poetess of these many languages. I appreciate your love for the extensive existence of this universe. I appreciate your commitment to the dynamic dance of I, You, We. I appreciate the bold relentless mother in you, with her wisdom of nurturing. I appreciate the range of "No" that you allow yourself, this range enhancing your generous "Yes!" continuum. I appreciate your immense breath of non-intervention, as if each molecule of breath whispers potential, possibility and belief. I appreciate the companionship of your inward and outward gaze as it appears in your blue eyes. I appreciate your lioness of paradoxes, it seems as if you choose to widen your field and stretch your limits again and again and again."
- Oren, Portugal. April 2019
"To create a safe space, to create a field where people can open up to what wants to arise and show itself is a high art. Thank you dear Susannah for your guidance and the way you accompany me to surrender into this space. I am trained in Trauma Therapy and the way you brought the theme of safety and self-regulation and the way you build this through the weekend with different steps was extraordinary and VERY well done! It is outstanding how you work with dance, embodiment and therapeutical exercises and guide people deep into their system. I have never experienced something like this with so many people, I felt safe and was able to sense how all the other people felt safe and went deep into their process too. BRAVO and WELL DONE!"
- Liliane Morell, Switzerland 2019
"Susannah is such a great teacher and such an amazing student of life."
- Luc de Cuyper, director of the East West Centrum, Belgium. 2018